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  • ferreútil

    “Vertice assessment has been very useful. We did not have knowledge of the merchandising that can be done through gondolas. Also, the use of the counter has been very effective since we have more products displayed and at hand for our customers, leading to impulse purchases and giving the sales clerks greater space and comfort to provide customer service. "

    Mr. alonso valverde

    General Manager

  • Santa lucía drugstore

    "Within the market, Vertice is very solid. It has been an interesting mix for us. We have worked with them for about six years and we have done about 10 projects together. The experience of working with Vertice has been very satisfactory, very functional, because it has guaranteed a maximization of storage and it has helped the dispatch of our products." 

    Mr. luis pérez


  • Coopronaranjo 

    “We had a supermarket with a deteriorated gondola, and we needed to give it a different vision and take advantage of spaces that were being lost. Vertice gave us important advice to offer our customers an even better shopping experience.
    Vertice response times are good, the quality of the product and the advice on optimal use of space is even better. They are always open to giving a solution; we have a relationship dating back several years and consider them a business partner.”

    Mr. Alexander Monge

    General Manager

  • Proxi mart

    "With Vertice we have had a working history not only in Proximart but also with our brand Súper Mora. They have always been an ally for us in each of our projects and from the beginning they provided guidance to make the most of each space , every corner, to take advantage of our commercial premises. Vertice products are of the highest quality and the accessories and personalization that we can give to our end product are very important for us." 

    Mr. arnulfo hernández

    Category Management

  • Global partners

    "It was an enriching experience for us to have highly qualified people, from the sales agents, to the engineers who visited us to guide us and give us the product that we really needed.
    The technical advice was vital for the construction of the cold room, and, with the warranty on this system, we are certain to have a high quality product at the end of the day. "

    Mr. oscar oporta

    International Business Manager



  • BM group

    "BM Quepos is a nearly 1400m2 supermarket for which we bought checkout counters, carts, baskets, urns and shelves.
    We chose Vertice because it’s solid, because the benefit outweighed the cost, and because of the support and seriousness of the company which tipped the balance in their favor. The shelving is first-class, the equipment we bought is of good quality. The commercial relationship between both companies is very good, we are satisfied with the deal. "



    BM Supermarket Manager


    “The benefit of having a storage structure with racks, for Segnini, is that we achieve a maximization of space with the certainty that we have an anti-seismic product which is resistant and of very good quality. The delivery times established by Vertice were met, we even managed cut a couple of weeks of the deadline originally thought. The installation was very efficient, clean and I was really happy with the product. I find the experience of having worked with Vertice very positive, which pushes me to use them in the future as the provider of choice when there is growth.”





    General Manager

  • Agromedica veterinary

    “We attended a few events in the field, there were colleagues who were exhibiting and using Vertice products, so we asked them for references to contact Vertice. Vertice sent a representative who took measurements, made recommendations, and presented a template in 3D. I really liked the design. They oriented me based on how the best distribution could be. In addition to a supplier and a commercial ally, I really see them as an advisor for our image, the products improve the image of our company and I like that a lot. ”


    Mr. lucas rusz


  • Central de Mangueras S.A.

    "Vertice has been of help in the commercial area for more than eight years , providing effective solutions for the display of products both in the points of sale at Central de Mangueras and at the points of sale of our customers.
    We recommend Vertice for the quality of their solutions, commitment and dedication in their attention. It is a commercial ally and we hope to count on their support in our management. "


    Ms. Janina Miranda M.

    Marketing Coordinator


    "In Protecto we implemented an aerial picking system. We received from Vertice a proposal with plans, locations, product efficiency and distributions. We had very specific and strict requirements and the proposal met the criteria.
    The monitoring of quality control by Vertice has been very strict and I would definitely take them into account for future projects."


    mr. José Guillermo Flores

    Regional Logistics Manager

  • servica group

    "The number of positions that we can store per m2 is important for the cost of our operation. The storage system that Vertice installed for us has the purpose of increasing density, orderly managing the warehouse and taking care of the product. Vertice products are of the highest quality; we have tried them for more than 15 years. I consider Vertice an strategic ally, a supportive evaluator of the most efficient way to work a distribution center.”

    Mr. Oscar chavarría

    General Manager

  • Wamase distributors

    “We sought an alliance with Vertice since it has been known for selling quality and innovative products. We know Vertice to be a leading company that has the best products available to its clients both nationally and regionally.
    Vertice products have changed our perception and that of our clients, demonstrating that the product that is exhibited better increases its sales.”.



    Mr. Diego marín

    Commercial manager

  • Pintuco Central america

    “Vertice has treated us very well in everything we’ve asked for. They have helped us with the fulfillment of internal requirements for project development. The greatest contribution of Vertice to our project was providing a solution through structures that the market does not regularly offer. In General, Vertice is a good company that has many strengths to continue growing and achieving success.”


    Ms. Karol Valverde Carvajal

    Negotiation Analyst of Goods & Services

  • JACK'S foods

    “Building the self-supporting rack with Vertice was the best option to solve our storage needs, because the shelving is part of the supporting structures of our building. This allowed us to save 30% of the cost of building conventionally and having to purchase shelving from a third party. We have managed to store more than 4000 deck positions in just 2900m2 , with shelving as high as 12 meters.  
    The Vertice technical support team was involved at every step of the way, listening to our suggestions, catering for our design and building needs.”

    D.ENG. Jorge Arroyo

    Project Manager at Jack’s Foods, inc.

  • automercado

    “For 10 years we have worked with Vertice. The delivery times have always been met, bringing the shelving on time; even in the projects in which we raced against the clock, Vertice managed to arrive on time. We define Vertice as a company with a high sense of responsibility and trust.  ”

    mr. amancio chinchilla

    In charge of equipment and furniture purchases.

  • grupo danisa (nissan)

    “Both the quality and the after-sales service are excellent. In the design part they gave us good tips, they helped define corridors, heights, levels and the partition of the racks to be able to insert the columns, which was very important for us. We consider Vertice a leader in the storage area. The quality of the product, the warranty it offers and the good price-quality ratio are points in favor of working with them. ”

    mr. carlos rodríguez

    Spare Parts Manager

  • esph

    “They gave us great support and advice, both in the design stage where the project had to  meet the needs of the warehouse as well as in the delivery and installation of the materials inside the warehouse, effectively achieving our goal. Vertice shelving design has allowed to maximize the space by placing a large amount of materials on them.”

    ms. silvia lópez

    In charge of supplies

  • flosanco supermarket

    “Vertice has given us much needed advice in several projects. They are very responsible, they have made things easy for us. We are very happy with the racks and the shelving that they have offered.
    Every request  that we have had, they have been able to met.  They fully comply with delivery times.
    Being a national company we find it very reliable.”

    ms. silvia corrales


  • el éxito supermarket

    “Vertice vino a cambiar la imagen de nuestro supermercado en un 100%. Los productos son de muy buena calidad, el servicio muy bueno, se hizo previamente un plano en 3D para visualizar como iba a quedar y nos encantó. La estantería mejora la apariencia del supermercado y eso ha sido muy beneficioso para nosotros. 
    Vertice came to change the image of our supermarket 100%. The products are of very good quality, and they have very good service. A 3D plane model was previously made for us to visualize the final result and we loved it. The shelving improves the appearance of the supermarket and that has been very beneficial for us.”.

    mr, carlos lobo


  • Farmanova

    “For Farmanova it was very important to carry out this project with a supplier as large as Vertice, since it allowed us to design, manufacture and install the four levels of the mezzanine with the ‘EuroRack’ system in installments, gradually, according to our needs. Due to the complexity in the adaptation and execution of each stage, it was very important to have a professional and committed team such as Vertice’s, which had the capacity to adapt to the infrastructure and operation characteristics of our logistics warehouse."

    Mr. Gilbert Carballo

    Warehouse Manager, Farmanova Intermed Group

  • Del Istmo

    “Because Central America is a highly seismic zone, we decided on VERTICE. They showed structural tests of their products, which convinced me that the racks are of excellent quality. The service they gave was the best, since they had previously helped to solve every installation issue. The anti-seismic quality of the shelves has given us a lot of peace during these years, in which we have had significant tremors. The structures that VERTICE offers have automatic safety pins, which guarantees the confidence to work without the risk of accidents in the joints. ”

    Mr Alejo J. Aguilar

    President of Delistmo Corporation


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